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Penis Plugs, Sounds, medical dilators, Sounding devices, penile ...

Items 1 - 16 of 120 . Penis plugs, and sounds are some of our most popular items. Penis plugs are inserted into the urethra. The general shape is varies from .


Instruments Used to Stretch the Urethra | eHow

Instruments Used to Stretch the Urethra. Urine flows from the bladder out of the urethra. If blocked, there are various instruments that can stretch the urethra and  .

It's Not What You Think: The Story of Urethral Dilation in Women ...

Jun 29, 2011 . FYI and Tools . Urethral dilation has been utilized for a variety of female urinary complaints both irritative (urinary frequency, urgency and burning . I suspect that this is why these diagnoses are frequently used erroneously.

  • Stainless, Steel, Male, Chastity, Urethral, Stretching - YouTube

    Mar 7, 2011 . http://xtoysasia.com/stainless-steel-male-chastity-urethral-stretching-p- . Koalaswim.com Male Chastity Devicesby Michael Young119,961 .

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Sounds - BME Encyclopedia

Sep 11, 2006 . In a non-medical setting they are used both for urethral stretching, and . Even if they are not being shared, they can easily lead to bladder .


Medical Reasons for Male Urethra Stretching | eHow

At that time your doctor will widen the urethra by using a thin instrument that stretches the urethra. A local anesthesia is used for this procedure. Once the .

What Is Urethral Dilation? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK

Oct 13, 2013 . Typically used to help with urine flow, urethral dilation can be. . or trauma from the insertion of an instrument such as a cystoscope or catheter.

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Urethral Stricture Evaluation

A description of the anatomy of the urethra, and causes, complications, evaluations . Calibration (bougie-a-boule) – serial metal instruments that are used to determine . The best chance for this is to stretch the scar without causing bleeding.

Urology Care Foundation - Urology A-Z - Urethral Stricture Disease

Most people will not have any problems with the urethra, but a few of us may . jelly into the urethra, and to use the smallest possible catheter necessary for the shortest . dilator: An instrument to stretch body tis-sues and enlarge an opening,  .

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Amazon.com: Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit: Health & Personal Care

This was my first experience in using sounding instruments...and it won't be the last! So far I've only been able to use the 6mm tool but, I'm looking forward to .

A lowdown on the urethra (frankly): Urethral manipulation uncovered ...

May 15, 2012 . Sounding: The insertion of an object into the urethra; Meatotomy: The dilation . Meatotome: An instrument used to enlarge the urethral opening .

Urethral stricture: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

Urethral stricture is an abnormal narrowing of the tube that carries urine out of the . by inserting a thin instrument to stretch the urethra while you are under local anesthesia. . If urethral dilation is not successful or possible, you may need surgery to . The information provided herein should not be used during any medical .

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Urethral Play | Kennedyray's Weblog

In urethral play, you generally have two kinds of instruments that you can use. A sound is one type of device that comes in a variety of widths and is inserted into .


Urethral sounding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sounding or urethral sounding is the medical use of probes called sounds to increase the inner diameter of the urethra and to locate obstructions in it. Sounds  .


Sounding - Everything2.com

Jul 11, 2003 . sounding Sounding (also called stuffing) is a form of urethral play: it is the generic term for the widening of the male urethra using a tool commonly r... . a good idea when sounding; an antibacterial ointment can be used as a .


Urethral stricture - Belgrade Center for Genital Reconstructive Surgery

Sep 22, 2012 . Visual examination of the urethra by a thin optic instrument may be . Dilatation procedure presents stretching of the stricture using . The best quality silicon urethral catheters are used for urethral modeling and stenting.


Urethral Stricture Dilation, Urethrotomy - Center for Reconstructive ...

Distal strictures towards the tip of the penis are often dilated using progressively larger metal instruments called urethral sounds. Commonly used urethral .

"Cock-stuffing" | Go Ask Alice!

Feb 18, 2005 . Some discomfort may be felt later if the sound has stretched the urethra. If that happens, people use smaller "sounds." Some men also feel .


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Stainless, Steel, Male, Chastity, Urethral, Stretching - YouTube

Mar 7, 2011 . http://xtoysasia.com/stainless-steel-male-chastity-urethral-stretching-p- . Koalaswim.com Male Chastity Devicesby Michael Young119,961 .

A few tips:

Urethral Sounds | EXtreme Restraints

Urethral Sounding is the method of stimulating your penis from the inside out by . equipment, we also offer dilator sets which gradually stretch the urethra as well as . The Hegar sound is a urethral dilator, where either end can be used.

JT's Stockroom - Urethral Sounds, Dilators & Penis Plugs

The Tooling Sounds kit is a set of fourteen different urethral sounding tools that . This exciting piece is one of the first to use both glans rings and cock rings to .

Deviants' Dictionary: Sounds

Jul 15, 1997 . Types of Sounds - Sizes - Sterility; Other Equipment for Sound Play . Sounds are medical instruments designed for insertion into the urethra, the tube . Incidentally, the name 'sound is used in the sense of 'to find the depth of' .

What is the treatment for urethral stricture? - MedicineNet

Occasionally, patients are given instructions and dilation instruments (rods, . cheek (buccal mucosa) or a skin flap may be used to form a reconstructed urethra .



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The Length of the Male Urethra - International Braz J Urol

Purpose: Catheter-based medical devices are an important component of . penis was placed on a gentle stretch and the catheter was marked at the tip of the penis. . information of the male urethra and may be used to optimize genitourinary .


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Meatal/urethral dilatation - Cambridge University Hospitals

Stretching of the urethra or the urethral opening for narrowing resulting in a poor urinary stream . Normally, a full general anaesthetic will be used and you will be asleep throughout the procedure. . instruments. It may be necessary to insert a .


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Length of urethra in the Indian adult male population ...

Oct 19, 2012 . The only point where a stretched penis is used is at the time of introduction of an instrument into the urethra, and during a urethrogram.


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Sounding? Sounds like fun! « The Pleasure Chest

Jun 17, 2011 . This tool was used to “sound the depths” of a patient's urethra, in the same . For this reason, women looking to explore urethral play should try .


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Urethral Stricture: Treatment - FreeMD

Jun 8, 2011 . Treatment options may include urethral dilation or surgery. . A flexible scope is used to introduce an instrument that cuts the scar tissue, which .


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Sounding - Everything2.com

Jul 11, 2003 . sounding Sounding (also called stuffing) is a form of urethral play: it is the generic term for the widening of the male urethra using a tool commonly r... . a good idea when sounding; an antibacterial ointment can be used as a .


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Urethral Bulking for Urinary Incontinence - WebMD

Urethral bulking to treat urinary incontinence involves injecting material around the urethra. . Tools & Resources. OAB Questions for Your . The surgery is used mostly for women and sometimes for men. . Article. OAB and Your Sex Life.


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Blind stretching or telescopic cutting versus open surgery for urethral ...

Dec 12, 2012 . Narrowing of the urine pipe (urethral stricture) is a common cause of . segment using instruments passed down the urethra (called urethral . used in the short term to drain urine from the bladder in hospitalised patients.

Frequently asked questions about Urethral Stricture

Urethral stricture refers to any narrowing of the urethra for any reason whether or not . Occasionally, patients are given instructions and dilation instruments (rods, . (buccal mucosa) or a skin flap may be used to form a reconstructed urethra.

Cystoscopy for Women - Yale Medical Group

The cystoscope can also be used to instill saline or water into the bladder. . near the bladder to check for proper placement of sutures and support devices.


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15.9 Urethral Trauma - Springer

Contusion. Blood at the urethral meatus; normal urethrogram. II. Stretch injury. Elongation of the . striction device (neck of a plastic bottle) used to improve erec -.


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Genitourinary Prolapse | Health | Patient.co.uk

There can be prolapse of the urethra (the tube along which urine passes from . During childbirth (giving birth through the vagina), there is excessive stretching of the . This is a similar instrument to that used during cervical screening but it is a  .

Urethral Catheterization in Men - eMedicine World Medical Library

Apr 9, 2012 . Urethral catheterization is a routine medical procedure that facilitates . It may be used for diagnostic purposes (to help determine the etiology of . 90° to the gurney and stretching it upward to straighten out the penile urethra, . healthcare professionals, available online and via all major mobile devices.

Cystoscopy: What you can expect - MayoClinic.com

A numbing jelly will be applied to your urethra to help prevent pain when the . Smaller scopes are often used to look for causes of signs and symptoms. . scopes may be necessary to take tissue samples or pass surgical tools into the bladder.


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TURP - Windsor Urology

The operation is performed through the penis and usually there are no cuts or . As the instrument used for the procedure is quite large, the urethra may be . Many men are afraid that prostate surgery will make their sex life a thing of the past.


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Mistress160's BDSM For Beginners: Part 24: Urethral Sounding

Jul 26, 2010 . "In urethral play, you generally have two kinds of instruments that you can use. A sound is one type of device that comes in a variety of widths .


Offset Brick Pit

Prostatitis—Cystoscopy - Prostatitis Foundation

A cystoscopy uses a device which is inserted into the urethra via the opening at . IN ADVANCE WHAT KIND OF EQUIPMENT YOUR UROLOGIST WILL USE. . ( Stretching a stricture is not painless, but I know it can often be done quickly in a .


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Is Cystoscopy A Painful Procedure? - Medical Health Tests

May 8, 2013 . An instrument called a cystoscope is used to examine the interiors of . is passed into the bladder in order to stretch it and enable the doctor to .

Discharge After Urethral Surgical Procedure - HealthCentral

A gram stain of urethral discharge is a test used to identify bacteria in fluid from . a thin instrument to stretch the urethra while you are under local anesthesia.


My Doctor Violated My Urethra Without Permission | xoJane

Jan 31, 2013 . My Doctor Violated My Urethra Without Permission . My original title for this "My doctor raped my urethra," but maybe that's too . Instruments of torture . anesthetic (to which my dad, a surgeon, said, “That's all he used?

Bondage Gear by Kink.com Urethral Sounds - Bondage Gear - Sex ...

In addition to simple sounding equipment, we also offer dilator sets which gradually . The Hegar sound is a urethral dilator, where either end can be used.


Postgonococcal urethral strictures

A urethral stricture increases the resistance to micturition, which causes the detrusor muscle of the . (2) Maintenance bouginage with metal sounds to keep it stretched. . Sterilize all instruments except plastic ones by boiling. . Use a syringe without a needle, to inject some 2% lignocaine jelly into his anterior urethra.



When the prostate gland presses against the urethra the bladder becomes irritated . be addressed at the doctor's surgery, as they will be able to stretch the urethra. . Stents are small medical devices used to expand vessels and pathways .

Cystoscopy - The 3rd Edition: Prevention & Management

Anatomy of female urinary tract The female urethra is a tubular structure 2.5 to 4 . It is being used in gynecologic and non-gynecologic conditions.4,5 . folds, wall cyst mullerian origins, or congenital dilation of periurethral cysts. . The sheath contains channels for instilling irrigation fluid and inserting operative instruments.

Cystoscopy - Cancer Net

The term cystoscopy comes from the Greek "cysto" for bladder and "scopy" . It is usual to look at the urethra itself so the correct term "cystourethroscopy" is also used . often necessary to pass these instruments into the bladder, especially in men . Saline or slat water is run into the bladder through the cystoscope to stretch .

EAU Guidelines on Urethral Trauma - European Urology

Jan 20, 2010 . I, Stretch injury, Elongation of the urethra without extravasation on . catheterization or use of instruments are penile and/or perineal pain .



freezer over fridgeinstruments used to urethra stretchingzer Over Fridge

Kidney And Urinary Problems | EBnurse.org

Several methods have been used to treat urethral strictures. . sheath dilators of increasing sizes, thereby stretching or dilating the urethra. . If either procedure is absolutely necessary, the smallest, most flexible instruments should be used.


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What is sounding? - GayDemon.com

sounding. sounding | The use of specific medical instruments, in BDSM sex play, that are inserted into the Urethra of the Penis.


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The length of the male urethra

The Egyptians developed the first use of catheters by using an instrument made . The scope was held fixed at the bladder neck with the penis on stretch and the  .


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Urethral Injuries after Pelvic Trauma: Evaluation with Urethrography

Urethral injury is a common complication of pelvic trauma that, . shows the posterior urethra (arrow), which appears stretched but intact (Goldman type I injury), . Various devices may be used to instill the contrast agent: a specially designed .

Sling Procedures for Stress Urinary Incontinence - mdStrategies

In women, the urethra is supported by pelvic floor muscles and connective tissue . become stretched and lack the necessary strength to close off the urethra during . Once in place under the urethra, instruments are used to bring the tape out .

Urethral sounds in Sex Toys. Compare prices, read reviews and buy ...

Results 1 - 20 of 173 . Hand Tools . "This high quality vibrating urethral sound can be used in a nice, tickly or e... more. Details. Bondara. £59.99 Free Delivery Go . ElectraStim Uni- Polar 5mm Small Urethral Sound Probe Sex Toy. ElectraStim .

Dittel Sound 8 Piece Sound Set - Urethral Play - CBT

Sounds are smooth medical instruments designed to enlarge the urethra. In a non-medical setting they are used both for urethral stretching, and (more .

Medical Specula | eBay

Manufacturer refurbished (5). Seller refurbished (3). Used (81).


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Urethral Injuries: Injury to the Urinary Tract: Merck Manual Home ...

The urethra can also be injured unintentionally during surgical procedures performed directly on the urethra or during procedures in which instruments are .


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Urethral Strictures? Anyone ever have one really bad (guys ...

Dec 16, 2010 . Management of Recurrent Urethral Strictures with Covered . Apparently, one then uses ever increasing diameters to continue stretching the urethra. . legitimate surgical instrument used for, now wait for it, dilating the urethra.


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Cystoscopy - NHS Choices

A cystoscopy is a medical procedure used to examine the inside of the bladder using an instrument called a cystoscope. A cystoscope is a thin, fibre-optic tube .

British government accused of misleading in gay lawyer's extreme ...

Jan 4, 2013 . Sites dealing with urethral sounding refer to the use of specific medical instruments, known as 'urethral sounds'. An individual with extensive .

Uterine Prolapse - Physiopedia, universal access to physiotherapy ...

[1] It is also defined as the bulging of the uterus into the vagina. . This pain is due to stretching of the ligamentous supports and secondarily to abrasion of . Such techniques consist of conditioning, fluid intake regulation, and use of devices.

Diagnostic Tests & Procedures - Interstitial Cystitis Network

The cystoscope, is a long thin telescope like instrument fitted with two channels. . This procedure consists of distending the bladder, or stretching the bladder, to it's . (muscle that is used to close the urethra when the urge to void is present).

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Cystoscopy | Bupa UK

It's also used to check your bladder and bladder wall for unusual growths, ulcers or stones . Instruments can be passed down it to take a tissue sample (biopsy), .


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Mutilation/Cutting: Promoting Gender Equality: UNFPA

Which international legal instruments can be used for the eradication of FGM/ FGC? . Others, such as pricking, piercing or incising, stretching, burning of the . of the vagina, introduction of corrosive substances or herbs into the vagina to .

Telerobotic system designed to treat bladder cancer - Vanderbilt News

Apr 2, 2013 . The working end of the bladder cancer telerobot is only 5.5 . treat, the basic method that doctors use to treat it hasn't changed much in more than 70 years. . crude the instruments are and how much pushing and stretching of .


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Do I Need to Have Surgery for Urinary Incontinence

have given birth vaginally have some degree of loosening, stretching and . the space around the bladder and specialized instruments are used to place the .



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Physical Therapy & IC, Pelvic Pain, Vulvar Pain, Painful Sex

Hands-On Therapy; Helpful Tools PTs Use; Find a Knowledgeable PT; Paying for . These muscles support your pelvic organs, including the bladder, uterus or .

Cystoscopy - Medical Procedures Reference Library - redOrbit

. the urethra. This procedure is used as a diagnostic tool for the medical provider . . Filling the bladder will stretch the walls for more thorough visual inspection.

'Putting lead in your pencil': self-insertion of an unusual urethral ...

Jul 1, 2010 . Self- insertion of foreign bodies into the urethra and bladder, usually for sexual . There are a few psychoanalytical theories postulated to account for self-insertion of devices for sexual gratification. . Grasping forceps, snares and retrieval baskets are routinely used, but . J Sex Marital Ther 1982;8:222–7.


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Medical Sex Toys - THE RIMBA STORE

Adult Medical Sex Toys and medical fetish accessories including enema, restraints, . Easily connected to our urine bag or use for urethra stretching exercises.


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Surgery for Stress Urinary Incontinence - American College of ...

or stretched. . urinary incontinence include lifestyle changes, physical therapy, the use of devices . A sling may be used when the urethra has dropped out of place or when the . They differ in the type of material used for the sling, the type of.


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Bladder Cancer - National Cancer Institute

They are able to stretch when the bladder is full . transitional cells on the surface stretch. When you . instrument used to look inside the bladder and urethra.

Incontinence | Prostate Cancer Information | UPMC CancerCenter

Urinary incontinence is the inability to hold urine inside the bladder . Decongestants may tighten up the muscles of the urethra and are used for stress incontinence. . The technique uses a variety of instruments to record small electrical signals . by incising the scar tissue surgically or by dilating (stretching) the urethra.

Dilator And Sound Rod Guide - Bondara Sex Toys

Want to know from an expert how to use sounding rods? . Initially designed as a medical instrument, Sounding Rods have nothing to do with noise; . If you're hard then your urethra will constrict and make the initial insertion uncomfortable.

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Prostatitis - Medical Dictionary - The Free Dictionary

The pain of prostatitis can make it impossible to enjoy sex. . Cystoscope — A viewing instrument that is passed up the urethra into the region of the prostate to  .


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Bladder Suspension - http://www.yoursurgery.com

As the urinary bladder fills with urine, the detrusor muscle is stretched until the . The other incisions are used to pass other instruments such as graspers, .


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Sling Procedure - Encyclopedia of Surgery

Urethral inserts can be placed in the urethra until it is time to use the bathroom. . pelvic muscle exercises, bladder retraining, weight loss, and certain devices . ok bladder control, I can walk, run and play without worry of incontinence but if .


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Cystoscopy - Encyclopedia of Surgery

There are two types of cystoscopes used to carry out the procedure, a rigid type and a flexible type. . There may be some discomfort as the instrument is inserted . Fluid is . The region of the urethra is cleansed and a local anesthetic is applied. . to be of some comfort at this particular time of being a victim of brutal torture.

This is How Many Men Feel Following Prostate Surgery

Decongestants may tighten up the muscles of the urethra and are used for stress . The technique uses a variety of instruments to record small electrical signals . by incising the scar tissue surgically or by dilating (stretching) the urethra.

Buy Urethral Sounds from the UK's Urethral Sounding Experts ...

Items 1 - 16 of 28 . Come Browse Our Range Of Urethral Sounds & Urethral Sounding Kits. We've Got . Browse the range and pick your perfect instrument today.



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Genital Skin Flap Urethroplasty - InTech

Scrotal and perineal skin were used for urethral reconstruction in the past but the outcome was not favourable. . stretched to a single layer during penile erection and by retraction over the penile shaft. The . 6.1.2 Recommended instruments.


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Urinary Stress Incontenence in Women

Other options include the use of a urethral plug or a vaginal pessary. . The laparoscope is a small telescope-like instrument (one-half to one centimeter . This stretching and breaking of sutures probably account for the high failure rate ( with .


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Human Physiology/The Urinary System - Wikibooks, open books for ...

The cortex stretches down in between a radially striated inner layer. . The urethral sphincter is a collective name for the muscles used to control the . Catheters thereby allow drainage or injection of fluids or access by surgical instruments.

Uretero-Pelvic Junction Obstruction - da Vinci Surgery - Minimally ...

The ureter, which is the drainage tube from the kidney to the bladder, is 10 . stretched-out kidney pelvis with little drainage of the IVU dye from the kidney to the . which use an instrument that is threaded through the urethra and bladder, can .

Wholesale Chastity Devices - Buy Cheap Chastity Devices from ...

29030 items . Shop wholesale chastity devices, sex products, health & beauty .



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Instruments for Urological Procedures Part 1 - Purdue Distance ...

Name instruments used to dilate internal structures of the urinary-genital system. 3. Name microscopic . kidneys, bladder or prostate requires the surgeon to make an incision . instruments used to open or stretch lumens in the body to reduce.


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HowStuffWorks "10 Medieval Torture Devices"

These 10 medieval torture devices will show you how creative torturers would . Some courts used torture to determine if someone accused of a crime was truly guilty. . The pear was inserted into the vagina, anus or throat, depending on the  .


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Glossary of Terms » Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network - BCAN

Cystoscope: a thin, lighted instrument used to look inside the bladder and . (a substance that stimulated red blood cell production), and play a role in blood .

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Use of a Specialized Prostatic Urethral Sound to Facilitate Nerve ...

Urethral sounds have historically been used to aid in prostatic excision. We describe a specialized . This specialized instrument does have limitations. The pos- . neurovascular bundle will be fixed, and a stretch injury could theoretically  .

Sexual Anatomy - Our Bodies Ourselves

(Men, in contrast, have only two openings—the urethra and anus). . Sometimes these words are used in a derogatory way to dis-empower women, but some . Even after it has been stretched, little folds of hymen tissue remain. . Thus the vagina is a wonderful self-cleaning instrument that does not require douching. In fact .

Radical Prostatectomy – A Patient Guide - UCSF Department of ...

surrounds the upper portion of the urethra (canal that drains urine from . and passing specially designed telescopes and instruments into the body. . blood can be stored and used at the time of surgery if it is necessary. . What about sex?

Genital Warts - Home Remedies, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Diet

This happens only in cases where the warts have grown around the urethral opening . If you have sex with an infected person, there are higher chances of . During a surgical excision, your doctor will use special surgical instruments to cut off .

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Transitional Cell Cancer of Renal Pelvis and Ureter - Cleveland Clinic

These cells can change shape and stretch without breaking apart. . A tool with a small wire loop on the end is used to remove the cancer or to burn away the .



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EDAP TMS - Urinary tract stone management

The bladder's walls stretch and expand to store urine and then flatten when urine . Most devices use either X-rays or ultrasound to help the surgeon pinpoint the .


chimneyHang Some Meat in Your Chimney

Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (T.U.R.P.) | Urology BOP ...

Over a prolonged period, the urine build-up can over- stretch the bladder and . the bladder and are removed by irrigation or the use of grasping instruments.


chimneyChimney Smoker Box

Hartford HealthCare Medical Group - Education - Kidney Stones

More commonly, they move into a ureter, irritating it and causing it to stretch as . the latest techniques used in managing, removing and preventing kidney stones. . a thin fiber-optic instrument inserted through the side directly into the kidney, .


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Surgery for prostate cancer - American Cancer Society

Aug 26, 2013 . Surgery is a common treatment used to try to cure most prostate cancers. . which special long instruments are inserted to remove the prostate. . when the bladder becomes too sensitive to stretching as it fills with urine.

The Management of Ureteral Stones - Urology Institute

where it is stored until discharged through the urethra during urination. The urinary tract. Figure 2. . blindly, with no viewing instrument—through the urethra and bladder and into . Dilators are used to stretch the tissues along the guide wire.



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Catheters:: How a catheter can help manage urinary incontinence

Some of you will use catheters including a foley or indwelling catheter, . learn about the different devices and products that will contain the urinary leakage . A catheter is a thin, flexible, soft tube which is inserted through the urethra to drain the urine from the bladder. . Gently stretch your penis as you unroll the condom.



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Fetal Concerns Center of Wisconsin: Bladder Outlet Obstruction

The term hydronephrosis is used when the enlargement is more than 10 millimeters at 20 to . Immaturity, which allows more stretching of the pelvis than normal. . Endoscopic treatment uses a scope-type instrument to look at and treat PUV.

Cystitis --The Bladder On Fire. What Should You Do?

Painful bladder conditions affect a large percentage of women at some point during their . examination of the bladder and urethra through a telescope-like instrument), and x-rays . The use of spermicides for contraception (with either a diaphragm or . find it harder to remember and others have infections unrelated to sex.



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Urogynecology, urinary incontinence, Monmouth Medical Center ...

Urogynecology, Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control. . Vaginal deliveries can stretch and tear the nerves and muscles that support and control bladder function. . and incontinence can be helped through the use of bladder re-training. . tube-like instrument that allows the surgeon to view the urethral area.

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Surgery: A guide for FTMs - Transgender Health Program

Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) refers to surgical techniques used to change trans . There are various options for devices to make your penis erect after.

Interstitial Cystitis, Painful Bladder Syndrome - IC Symptoms ...

In recent years, scientists have started to use the terms bladder pain syndrome . Researchers are beginning to explore the possibility that heredity may play a part in . of ulcers — can be done with instruments inserted through the urethra.

Ureteral Obstruction Treatment at Mayo Clinic

These procedures are used to correct a blocked or damaged ureter. . kidney to the bladder by lowering the kidney and stretching the bladder up or replacing .

GyneFlex - Dr. Kegel Original Article

After having been stretched over a wider range than any other skeletal muscle . With this instrument, strength of contractions in the middle third of the vagina as well . In these cases, because the pubococcygeus has been little used for many  .

Find definitions containing the word Torture | Reverse Dictionary

Find definitions containing the word Torture at Dictionary.com .

Childbirth and Incontinence - Amy E. Rosenman M.D.

These instruments are usually used after a long or difficult labor to help deliver . the risk of stretching and tearing the vagina and supporting tissues of the pelvis.

18 More of the World's Most Disturbing Sex Toys | Cracked.com

May 18, 2009 . We previously chronicled how in the Internet age, the whole sex toy thing . Well, there's a whole new generation of devices that will get your . As with all of the devices on this list, we'll leave it to your imagination as to what the thing looks like in use. . "The Electrosex Urethral Sounds is not for beginners.".

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Small flexible telescopes are used to access the urethra, bladder, and ureter. . This is performed by using larger telescopes and instruments placed directly through the back and into the kidney . Q8: Can I play golf with a ureteral stent in me?

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Catheterization - (See also: Bathroom Use Control , Enemas , Urethral Play ) A flexible . Clothespins - (See also Nipple Clamps) Small pinning devices used for  .



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Oct 14, 2013 . Control of the bladder and urethral sphincter takes place in the mid brain and cerebral cortex. . or intermittent, is started to prevent the bladder muscle over- stretching. . It can be used in both males and females and would be suitable for . removed under anesthesia using instruments through the urethra.


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Urethral dilation; Urethroplasty (open urethral reconstruction); Urinary diversion . Biofeedback uses electronic measuring devices to help the patient become aware . At first, the doctor will use a battery-operated generator outside the body to .



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Urinary incontinence (UI) is the loss of bladder control. . can stretch and tear the nerves and muscles that support and control bladder function. . Another technique used only to help you identify the PFM is to attempt to stop or slow . Each of the exercises explained previously can be done with or without assistive devices.

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It can also be used to collect urine samples, perform biopsies, and remove small stones. . There may be some discomfort as the instrument is inserted. . — Under anesthesia, the bladder is stretched to capacity (distended) with either liquid .

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Interstitial Cystitis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the bladder. . If the muscles become weak or the tissues are stretched or damaged, the pelvic . The doctor uses a speculum (an instrument that spreads the walls of the vagina apart) and may . urethra, and rectum — the same muscles used to stop a stream of urine.


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bladder fills with urine (about half full), stretch receptors send nerve impulses to the spinal cord, which then . muscles used to control the flow of urine from the.

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Because a woman's urethra is relatively short, women are more prone to . a single dose of antibiotics before or after sex may prevent the infection. . use (two to three days), this drug mixes with urine and numbs the urethra to . an instrument called a cytoscope, which provides a way to examine the bladder via the urethra.

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Sex play in which the penis enters the anus. androgen insensitivity . Behaviors, devices, or medications used to avoid unintended pregnancy. birth defect

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Mobilization of the bladder with a combination of sharp and blunt dissection frees . A 0 synthetic absorbable suture is placed in the fundus of the uterus and used for . The left round ligament is placed on stretch and incised between clamps.




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But when a stone is large or jagged, it may become lodged in the ureter (the . The kidney then swells and enlarges, stretching the pain-sensitive capsule, . The following studies are used to diagnose kidney stones: . An instrument is manipulated through the tunnel, allowing the surgeon to find the stone and remove it.

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Oct 20, 2010 . But unlike in the past—where women had to swear off sex and tight jeans to . It involves recurring discomfort in the bladder, which may be caused by a . tract infection and use a thin, lighted instrument called a cystoscope to .